Office Flow (85): After-The-Long-Weekend Navy Blues

wpid-wp-1409667265602.jpeg … Seriously though!  I think it’s so hard to get up for work after a 4-day holiday long weekend.  Agree?!

I blame my forgetful self for not setting my alarm last night to wake me up.  Actually, I haven’t been needing my alarm the last week or so because I’ve been getting up way before it goes off any way.  Woke up 45 minutes late but still managed to get out of the house at the same time.  Does this mean I can get away with a few more extra minutes of shut-eye now?!… Nope, not risking it :p My bed and sleeping next to Ray are just way to comfortable to pass up every day.

Top:  Zara

Pants:  Urban Planet

Flats:  Nine West (since I found them last week, I think I’ve found my new go-to flat for the office)

Jacket:  H&M

( Oh look, I’ve made a new tag:  Fall Fashion.  A little sad, but excited for sweater weather!)

It’s been such an exciting and eventful week – from Winnipeg and spending time with as many of my friends and family as possible, and then back to Edmonton where I had the chance to show my parents and friends around the city I now call my home.   I promised I’d post photos so I’ll do that shortly! .. granted I don’t get things to do in the next hour or so.

Kinda gloomy outside and that sucks because I was planning to walk over to the mall and pick up the new Kate Spade agendas.  SO cute.  It’s definitely a must for my life.  MUST.




“Would you rather be forced to tell your best friend a lie or tell your parents the truth?”

Spring.Me Question #10

I’d much rather tell my parents the truth.  I was such a rebellious girl in my junior high and high school days that, if I put in a dollar for every lie I told to my parents in a jar, I’d be stupid rich right about now.  Who didn’t lie to their parents in their teens?!

If I was forced to tell my best friend a lie, I wouldn’t even consider it.  I’ve had my bit of lying to people as well as people lying to me and I just think, what the hell, just tell the truth.


Office Flow (84): Pink

wpid-wp-1409340038582.jpeg It’s Friday which means time for weekend festivities!

So happy it’s finally the weekend; I know I just came back from a mini vacation, but honestly, road trips wear me out! Especially driving 10+ hours and not having had the time to nap during those hours.  That being said, I’m excited it’s the weekend and I really have nothing planned.. other than maybe sleep and be a lazy person in bed :p

 Top:  H&M

Jeans:  Garage Clothing

Bracelet:  Garage clothing

Flats:  Nine West

Watch:  Nixon 

This photo really doesn’t do the top justice;  it’s a loose top, looks very boxy when you just hold it up in front of you, but I love the ‘free’ feeling of it while it’s on me.  It’s now becoming more chilly in the mornings so this was a great shirt to wear — makes me think of transition fashion from summer to fall (can’t believe I’m saying that).  Let’s just say I was too lazy to take another picture standing up, sorry :p

My parents leave the city this afternoon :( It’s been such a great week — having spent time and caught up with so many of my friends back home, and especially spending the quality time I’ve missed with my beautiful mom and dad.  Two of my best girlfriends are now in town so we’ll see what we’ve got planned for this long weekend!  Can’t wait to show them around my new home.

I’ve yet to blog about my mini home-cation still, I had a lot of things to do last night at home and didn’t find enough time to blog.  Hopefully tonight or sometime during the last long weekend of summer! *sad face.



Office Flow (83): Cherry Blossoms

wpid-wp-1409232982301.jpeg  wpid-wp-1409232976717.jpeg

I’m back!  After a few days of hiatus and vacation, I’m back in the office.  It’s a Thursday, but definitely feels like a Monday after not having worked for the first three days of the week.  Ah well, glad to be back! Or am I.. :p

Shirt:  Old Navy  |  Pencil skirt:  Simon’s  |  Flats:  Nine West (forgot I had them and found them in my old shoe closet at home!)  |  Denim jacket:  H&M.

Lots to blog about — just need to get through this work day and hopefully have time this afternoon to share some photos of my home-cation :)



A Little Something We All Need.

The article is entitled ’17 Quote Every Twentysomething Needs’, but I think everyone can use these words of encouragement in their everyday lives.  I sure can.

Thanks, BuzzFeed :)


















Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I’ll be sure to catch up once I’m back from my mini-trip back home.


Office Flow (82): City Chinos

wpid-wp-1408713818295.jpeg wpid-wp-1408713821339.jpeg

Love these chinos! Super comfy and fit so so so perfect!

Top:  H&M  |  Pants:  Banana Republic  |  Flats:  Old Navy  |  Necklace:  Le Chateau 

It’s Friday!  Off to Winnipeg tomorrow!  Can’t wait to see my parents and friends :)