Office Flow (98): Florals Galore


One of my favourite dresses and purchases over the summer.  It was only $10!

Dress:  Simon’s, sz small  |  Camisole:  Talula, sz small (available at Aritzia)  |  Flats:  Nine West, sz 37  |  Necklace:  Swarovski


Beautiful Last Weekend Hurrah

wpid-wp-1411393561962.jpeg It looks like this past weekend (along with the rest of this week) will be our summer’s last beautiful hurrah before officially welcoming in the fall season.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the weekend and I’m so stoked that it continues into the rest of this week.  We’re at a high of 28 degrees Celsius today!  I think I’ll actually take in the last of this beautiful weather and go for a run at our River Valley staircase and take advantage of the trails before the frost comes and takes over.

It was definitely appropriate to wear shorts on Saturday!  Sun shone through our window the minute I woke up and I loved feeling the sun on my feet while it shone on my bed.  I knew it had to be a shorts type of day.  I wanted to stop by Vespucci again because their site advertised 20% off all merchandise.  Didn’t purchase anything since I really just wanted to check things out for future decisions.  I found an Ann Taylor straight leg pant, perfect for the office, size 4 petite and it fit me like a glove!  However the waist was a little loose and, considering the fact that I will lose some weight on my waist in the next few months (I’m determined to work out and get back in my old gym routine!!).  It was definitely a great pant and I wish I had bought them but, considering that it was a consignment store, I couldn’t get myself to spend that much on the pant at the time.  Maybe it’ll still be there when I come back sometime next week? lol.

Outfit details:
Top:  Zara, sz small  |  Shorts:  J. Crew, sz 2  |  Shoes:  Vans, sz 7  |  Shades:  Pacsun  |  Necklace:  Urban Planet 



Sunshine through my car, of course I had to take a selfie.

So I’m a hugeeeee victim of dry peeling lips 75% of the time and I’ve also acquired the stupid habit of peeling them off when I can feel them on my lips :( As a result, I get discoloration from the bottom layer of skin on my lips being exposed.   Normal lip balm, like my Rose Salve, will hydrate and make my lips feel a lot better but won’t do anything to hide the discoloration.

I received this lipstick by Make Up Forever in as Sephora’s birthday gift to me this year and it works like magic on my lips when I’m in this dilemma.  The color matches my exact natural lip color (might be a tad bit darker) so putting it on not only makes my lips look natural but also hides the ugly areas of where I peeled off dry skin from my lips.  It feels great and looks great and is very hydrating!


The weekend was great but it’s now back on that work grind!  Tons of meetings today but I’m glad I have a great outfit today to walk around in :)


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Friday Fave: The Prepster

… Does that sound like perspiration? I feel like it’s going to draw the wrong crowd to this blog post.  Whatever, lol.

As related to today’s OOTD post, I love dressing preppy.  I enjoy layering shirts with collars and button-ups.  I love the coziness from cardigans and knit and wool sweaters.  I love the versatility that are ballet flats, boat shoes and loafers of al kinds! If I had the money, I’d buy myself all the Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polo shirts money could buy!

For some ‘prepspiration’ I searched the net for some of my favourite preppy looks.  Of course, I was very picky because these are looks that I find versatile for the office and various after- or out-of-office activities.  As cute as they are, I strayed from the typical schoolgirl looks and college-age looking wardrobes.

tumblr_mdtx5jCOLb1r3g1d6o1_500 281a0d383c15fe90c02226815436a1f5

Can’t wait to incorporate vests into my fall/winter wardrobe.  I hope this year’s winter can allow for more vest weather than heavy winter jacket weather.  Now I need to just find a cute vest.

fghdhfhff  inspiration-4

preppy_outfit_with_chunky_jewelry-4618  preppy-outfit

fghdhfhff  tumblr_mv3837AQkX1s7sxjqo1_250



Have I mentioned how attractive I think a guy looks dressed in a polo shirt?  *hearts in my eyes*

24277-Casual-Preppy-Look a8ac3882d193d5066ed3801cf67033d4



Office Flow (97): Preppylicious

It’s Friday!  It’s Friday and I feel good because my hair looks great and I’m loving the colors of my outfit!  I absolutely adore dressing like a prepster.

To avoid having to stay home and watch NFL with my boyfriend last night, I drove to Winners nearby to kill some time and, obviously, find some great deals.  I ended up buying a really cute grey sweater and today’s Ralph Lauren Sport crew neck t-shirt.  This shirt is super super comfy, feels great on my skin and the color is super vibrant — the cherry on top.   I’ve been looking for a great quality crew neck shirt (a few, not just one) and this one fits the description of what I want.  Too bad there weren’t any other colors otherwise I would’ve gotten one in every color because it was on sale for only $15!

T-shirt:  Ralph Lauren Sport (at Winners), sz medium  |  Button-up:  ONLY  (at Simon’s), sz medium  |  Jeggings:  Winners, sz 27  |  Heels:  Le Chateau, sz 37  |  Gold chain:  Old Navy 


Love the nautical feel to dressing preppy.  If I had enough button-ups in my wardrobe, I’d have the time of my life putting outfits together for fall because button-ups are such an essential to me when it comes to layering!  Loveeeee the blue, red and gold combo today.


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