The Empower App: Embracing YOUR Power


As some of you may already know, I was a victim of domestic violence.  I was in high school and naive, I didn’t know how to handle it or who to talk to.  I felt alone and completely isolated from the world.  Because of that, I had dropped friends and my entire family.  I was constantly feeling like I completely deserved everything that was happening to me and, at times, thoughts of suicide came to my mind.   Where high school is probably one of the best memories of one’s childhood, it is the worst memory I will always have.

I’m involved in a project to raise money for The Empower App.  It’s an app that provides a victim of domestic violence the tools and information they need to protect themselves from further abuse as well as get the help they deserve.   They can open the app under an alias icon from their phone and, with a quick swipe, exit the app without being detected by their abuser.   As a victim, I didn’t know who to turn to and who to ask when I needed help and advice.  I don’t want anyone to ever think they are alone, because they’re not.  So many people are going through and have gone through the same thing and can provide resources and advice to get people out of such horrible situations.  It’s not an easy task escaping these situations, but it’s not impossible.

Whether you’re a man, a woman, a child, a teenager, a parent or a grandparent — domestic violence happens to everyone.  Everyone has a voice and has the right to be heard.  No one should be afraid to say something to anyone.  No one should suffer in silence like I did.  There’s always someone else out there who shares the same story and will lend a hand.  That’s what I’m doing.

I’m starting up the Instagram account in a few days and will be posting a couple of sample shots of our promotional video coming out soon!  If you’d like to be featured on to the account, post a creative photo/collage, whether or not you’ve been a victim, and hashtag #embracingMYpower.

Can’t wait to see where this will take us and who we’re going to inspire.



New Cosmetics Organizer!

Found this treasure at Winners last night! I’m so happy I finally found one and everything fits perfectly!  The organizer is by SOHO London.

I finally was able to get rid of my old Sephora make-up case which sat on my drawer top and took up more space than I liked it to.  This is a stand-up organizer which takes up less space — I was afraid it wasn’t going to hold my brushes and all my liners and such but every piece literally has it’s own place in the case.  I absolutely love it!  Great $20 investment!



Friday Faves: Coach Summer Tote

I bought this tote from the Coach outlet store at the Aurora Premium Outlets during a trip to Chicago a few years ago.  I think the retail price for the bag was about $299 and I paid only about $120 for it.  I can definitely remember walking into the store — 50% off clearance items PLUS another 20% off your entire purchase!  I absolutely love outlet shopping.  It doesn’t even matter to me that the styles were a season or two ago — I think I’ve learned that history repeats itself when it comes to fashion..  Continually repeats itself.

Coach is one of my favourite contemporary designers.  It’s affordable and they’ve got timeless solid designs.  I like to stray away from the signature logo designs but I just fell in love with this tote the moment I saw it.  This was my first real Coach purchase and I’ve invested in a few more pieces ever since!

This bag is from their Poppy Collection.  It’s a more vibrant and youthful collection than the regular Coach designs.  I like that the signature ‘C’ design is more subtle on this bag than it is on other designs I saw that day in-store.  It’s a great size, definitely great for an airplane carry-on and for a weekend getaway.   I like that I haven’t seen this bag on anyone else in both Winnipeg and in Edmonton — or anywhere else I’ve been, for that matter.  Yay!  It’s definitely one of the best bags I own.

I can’t wait for my next American trip so I can find more steals at the Premium Outlets.






New Theme Time: Superhero

I’ve been browsing themes and I can’t find something that I absolutely love….

So give me a few more minutes (or hours).

XOXO, happy Friday!

Update!  So I’ve chosen the theme ‘Superhero’.  It’s very minimalistic yet colorful!  Best of both worlds.  I love having color in my customizations.  This theme is perfect in that the color scheme isn’t too overwhelming and can very well go with any background that I choose.  I wanted a graphic background as having a solid color made everything look boring.  And I’m far from boring (or so I’d like to think I am).


My Birthday is in 3 Weeks..

I’ve dreamt of owning my very own Louis for a very, very long time…

So what if people say it’s a waste of money!  I think it’s an investment.  And there’s a meme I saw a few months ago that portrayed a girl’s goal as materialistic things and a woman’s goal as a house..

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT!?  I’m not turning 30 or 40, so, NO, I don’t plan to buy a house any time soon.  At all.

So in the meantime, I think I deserve a treat.


That is all.