Take Your Man For a Pedicure.

No seriously, ladies, if your man hasn’t gone for a pedicure yet, take him.  He Will Love It.  Ray’s face was priceless once his feet were soaked in the water, lol.  It was definitely cute.

Ray and I went to the nail salon Saturday morning.  I hadn’t gone my nails done in a while so I figured I deserve the pampering treatment :p and so does Ray.  He’s never been to one of these places before but he was really, really excited to get pampered!

I got shellac nails because I’m blessed to have such beautiful growing natural nails, and I’m forever taking advantage of that as having gel and acrylic nails in the past a few times really screwed up my nails for a long time.  Now that they’ve been back to its normal health and growth, I will stick to doing only shellac on my nails.  I absolutely adore this red shade!  Even to this day, I can’t stop looking at them!

wpid-wp-1418737619999.jpeg wpid-wp-1418737625249.jpeg

It was a fun morning and even more so that Ray came with me :)



OOTD (157): Feeling Neutral




I love the funnel neck of this sweater!  This makes me want to find more of these kinds of sweaters!  Super comfy, super warm and I’ve received a lot of compliments on it too!  It’s like having a built-in scarf! 

wpid-wp-1418737607155.jpeg I honestly didn’t realize how neutral of an outfit I had on today until I took these photos.  I’m really likin’ it!

:  H&M, sz 2

Purse:  Aldo

Funnel neck sweater:  J. Crew Factory, x-small

Stretch vintage corduroys:  J. Crew Factory, sz 28

Riding boots:  Denver Hayes (Mark’s), sz 7

Just about 9 more hours to go of this work shift and I’m off for the holidays!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be thinking about whether I’ve forgotten to put something in my luggage or not, all day today ..

I have no time after work to change into something else for the travel, so I figured I’m going to keep it to something classy enough for the office yet comfortable enough for the ride tonight.  This sweater is absolutely perfect.  It retailed for $98 and I paid only $18 for it!! Such a steal and, not to mention, all the compliments I’ve been getting really showed how much of a deal this really was.   This is an extra small but it pulls right on and comes right off with such ease and hugs me in all the right places.  Like yesterday, I’m wearing my dark grey-black cords from J. Crew because they’re so comfy and, because they’re stretch, make moving super easy unlike in denim jeans.

Went to my first hot yoga session last night, after about 2-3 years.  Pretty funny that my friend and I didn’t realize this class was a 90-minute Moksha flow class.  We both thought we walked into a 60-minute class.. lol.  Nonetheless, it really helped me loosen my muscles and reminded me how much of a relaxation it really is to just stretch and empty your mind during yoga practice.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do all the moves (especially because this flow class had a few different and more complex moves than the first regular Moksha class I took a few years ago) but I really surprised myself at how I was able to do most of them.  Still have a soreness behind my left shoulder but I’m sure it’ll pass soon.  I think I’m going to start doing yoga more regularly once I get back from the holidays.  Not to mention the gym as well.

I will try my best to blog during my holiday/vacation!  I’ve got dinner parties and gift exchanges all planned out which is so exciting but will also be keeping me very busy and probably out and about for most of my trip.  I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll updated maybe with a photo or two if I can’t find the time to post.



OOTD (156): Obsessed With My New Cords!


Scarf:  Aritzia  |  Sweater:  TNA, (Aritzia), small


wpid-wp-1418651990862.jpeg wpid-wp-1418652009798.jpeg

Top:  Zara, small  |  Necklace:  I forget.. |  Corduroy pants:  J. Crew Factory, sz 28  |  Riding boots:  Denver Hayes (Mark’s), sz 7  |  Flats:  Old Navy, sz 7

I AM OBSESSED WITH MY NEW STRETCHY CORDUROY PANTS FROM J. CREW!  I guess it’s pretty safe to say I’m plainly obsessed with J. Crew.  Obsessed.  

…. I’m pretty obsessed with my nails too.  This shellac color is amazing.  Not sure what the exact name is, but it’s the best shade of red I’ve ever seen on my nails.  Anyway.

Ray and I stopped by the outlets yesterday and, lo and behold, the J. Crew store was having 50% off everything and staff were giving away scratch cards that revealed an extra percentage off your purchase on TOP of the 50%.  Goodness gracious, just when I was about to leave the store (because my poor baby was waiting in the car), the associate approached me and asked if I had been given one of the scratch cards.  I said no, and then my card revealed an extra 20% off my purchase that day … so that made my purchase of up to 70% off.  How could you resist!?!?

Ray ended up coming into the store because it was getting too cold to wait in the car for me (lol).  He picked up a vest and a sweater while I picked up two pairs of these stretchy vintage cords and a hotpink leather luggage tag for my travels.  I ended up spending only $31 on my entire purchase.  That’s amazing — the cords were $80 regular retail price!

So, here I am, wearing and breaking these pants in and they’re sooooo comfortable.  I’m so happy I bought this color and the dark greyish-black ones.  I really wish I had picked up these purple-y burgundy ones too.   My luggage tag is so cute and sticks out against my black hard shell luggage.

I’m so happy that all my Christmas gift shopping had already been done before I went crazy at the outlet yesterday :p

One more sleep and I’m off!