OOTD (121): Oh, Poop.

wpid-wp-1414153844041.jpeg wpid-wp-1414153847080.jpeg

Happy Friday, my loves!  Decided to do the beach wave on my new haircut today and I’m loving it!  Feels so much lighter even with the bouncy curls.

Decided to keep things a bit more casual today (I really wanted to wear heels and my Aritzia joggers) because I’ll be on the move this afternoon moving things out of one building into another!

So, I Just got back from what was supposed to be lunchtime for me but turned out to be a shopping trip to look for a new pair of pants to wear immediately.  Let’s just say …. a bird decided to drop a present on my leg.  Thank you, God, for letting my hair and the rest of my body free from such disaster! After going to the McDonald’s bathroom to wash and dry off, I thought i’d be okay — it looked like my pants had never been stained.  As soon as we headed back outside, the stain turned into a big white lint stain from the toilet paper (they had no paper towels to use!) which resulted in me buying a pair of navy jeggings from Hudson’s Bay.  Sigh.

..Hey, at least I now have a pair of new jeggings in a really nice navy blue color.

Blazer:  Dynamite, small  |  Top:  Garage, small  |  Necklace:  Le Chateau  |  Pants:  Simon’s, medium  |  Loafers:  Zara  |  Ring:  Not sure.


I’m pretty stoked about getting a few extra hours of sleep this weekend as there’s nothing planned.  We’re now heading into single digit temperatures so I’m hoping to soak up more of the warm sun this weekend while it’s still here.  I’m also hoping to make some time to blog this weekend as well which I haven’t done in a while.  Oh, and read and finish Adulting!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Grind & Pray

“We grind together, we shine together
Show the single folks how to double
Two wrongs don’t make it right
But two strongs make a power couple”

This song has definitely been on repeat several times lately.  Have I mentioned that I’m in love with August Alsina’s voice? Ugh. Not to mention Fab is in this song and I’ve adored him forever.  I sound like a total fangirl right now, but can’t help it.  He’s coming to the city again on Halloween night and we’re thinking of going to see him!

There’s a lot of truth in the lyrics.  Growing up, my brother and I didn’t have a lot; neither did my parents.  I was one of the little sisters who had her big brother’s hand-me-downs and toys.  As a little girl, I absolutely, without a doubt, needed to have the latest barbie; then, the latest designer shoes; then, the latest piece of technology.  As spoiled as I was, as much of a brat that I was, I knew in the back of my mind that the world does revolve around money, but happiness doesn’t.

As I grew older, I learned a lot more about the value of money.  Whether it’s $5 or $50, it’s hard-earned money and should be cherished and used wisely.   We don’t need to share our life story to everyone; no one needs to know how strong you are or how much you’re struggling.  This song tells us that we need to do whatever we have to do to survive.  I’m not a single mother but I’ve known a few who have struggled physically and mentally, but made it through the woods and are nothing short of happy today.  We all need to understand that it really is a rough world and we have to put in the work in order to succeed.

The struggle is real but, whatever it may be, we just need to take it one day at a time, not give a damn about what everyone thinks and live life.  



New Theme?

Thinking of changing my theme again.. Sheesh, can’t even remember the last time I changed my theme.  Seems like I’ve had this one forever but I’m sure I’ve only had it for .. a month, lol.  Oh well! Change is good!  Stay tuned!

Update: ..mm, on the other hand, maybe not.

Update #2:  .. Yeah, okay, see how undecided I get when changing my themes?! Hope you like this new one!

OOTD (120): Love Me Some Pearls


wpid-wp-1414069045147.jpegI absolutely adore pearls on a woman.  I think it’s the classiest piece of jewelry any woman should have.  My mom gave me a pearl necklace that she’s had for a long time, and I’m sad that I left it back home in Winnipeg.

A great girlfriend of mine gave me two sets of pearl bracelets with a chiffon bow tied on them that I think are one the cutest accessories I own!  This one has a light pink bow and the other has a tan colored bow – both are way too cute to pass up.  I feel bad because I’ve neglected wearing these for so long as I’ve so much other bracelets that I own as well!

BTW, I have fallen in love with these pants over and over again every time I put them on.  It finally fits perfectly on me, which is also a bad thing because that means my thighs or/and my butt have gotten bigger. ..

Leather Jacket:  Vero Moda, small  (available at Hudson’s Bay)

Top:  Winners, small

Necklace:  Old Navy

Bracelet:  Forever XXI

Pants:  H&M, sz 6

Flats:  Old Navy, sz 7

It’s almost the weekend so let’s all hang in there.  Thanks for all the love, XOXO