Office Flow (62): Peplums!


I own one black and one white peplum tops.  I hardly wear white but I realized this morning that I’ve rarely worn anything strictly black and white lately… or have I?  Anyway, I forget how classic black and white looks and that I even own pieces that sophisticated.  Why not!

Top:  Sirens  |  Pants:  H&M  |  Flats:  Aldo  |  Necklace:  Le Chateau Outlet 


I forgot that I even owned this ring : P My future sister-in-law gave this ring to me sometime last year.  I decided to give my promise ring a break today and wear this one.  It has just as much sentimental value! Not really sure what the jewel is made of — it may be cubic zircona, but can’t really say for sure — nonetheless, it’s a stunning piece of jewellery.



New Jewels


Love my new necklaces from Le Chateau Outlet!  I had received an email that morning about a buy two get one free sale at the shop and instantly knew I had to go!

There were soooo many things I wanted to buy:  sandals, wedges in every color, tops for work and summer dresses!!  BUT!! I have been staying pretty good lately… well not really.. but pretty good in not going overboard in my little shopping hauls.  What I didn’t like was that the BTGO free sale was limited to the same type of products only, so I couldn’t mix and match.  I really liked a pair of orange and magenta wedges but no other pair of shoes caught my eye.  I thought maybe I can use the deal on two items of jewellery or maybe a clutch, but I realized I couldn’t after reading the fine print.  Fine print should not be allowed anywhere!!

I bought all three on sale prices!  I expected to pay about $11 altogether but the total came out to be about $6 at the register!!  My heart did a little happy dance.

I especially love the leaf necklace and I can’t wait to wear it.  I’m currently wearing the red one and I love how great it goes with my OOTD today! .. I hope the sale is still on this weekend.. I plan to go back for those wedges… and a couple more necklaces?!


Taste of YEG: I Love Festival City!


Click on the link to go to the Taste of Edmonton website!

Summer in Edmonton means festival mania!  Hence our nickname, ‘Festival City’, which I’ve only come to learn this past year that I’ve been living here, summer is all about festivals with live music, lots and lots of food, great entertainment and endless summer fun in the city.

This past Friday, we went to Taste of Edmonton — one of my faves during summertime!  Tons of new food trucks and restaurant vendors this year so it was really neat to see what everyone had to offer.  I found myself getting the angus steak bites from Canadian Brewhouse twice as well as the stuffed mushroom caps from the Cheesecake Cafe twice!  Those were definitely the favourites of that day.

There’s one thing I always HAVE to have at all of these festivals in Edmonton.  Whether it’s Taste of Edmonton, K-Days or Heritage, I always need my Lemonade!

We’ll be going to K-Days tomorrow after work so it should be a great time!  Can’t wait!



Office Flow (61): Summer Plaid

Again, a day late!  Too many projects coming underway at work and I just happen to be in charge of most of them.  No complaints though : )

I finally got to wear my new J. Crew plaid button up!  I bought this shirt a few weeks ago but the weather has just been wayy too hot to even think of wearing a long sleeve with collar!  The material isn’t stretch, but it fits and comes on and off perfectly fine.  I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.  It’s rare for me to buy clothing that ISN’T stretch so it’s always a bit of a challenge getting used to one when I wear it.

Top:  J. Crew Factory  |  Pencil Skirt:  From my sister-in-law’s closet that she’s long forgotten about ..*smirk  |  Flats:  Old Navy


It’s going to be another busy two weeks again, so I’m going to take as much photos as I can of my days and blog as much as possible!

Lots of love to all of the blogosphere x)



Miranda Kerr and Jimmy Fallon Play Flip Cup—See Who Wins!

Oh So Petite!:

She plays with so much poise, lol so cute!

Originally posted on InStyle:

[tiImage width="594" height="419" url="" credit="Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank" align="center" border="0" alt="Miranda Kerr"]

Just when we thought we knew everything about Miranda Kerr, she surprises us with a new talent. On Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kerr played a game of flip cup for the first time and—what do you know—she’s a natural!

Kerr, who looked gorgeous in a red and black patterned Sonia Rykiel midi-length pencil skirt and black tank top, was on the show to promote her skincare line, Kora Organics. After talking about the all-natural, certified-organic ingredients in the products, Kerr proceeded to play facialist to the host by applying some hydrating mask to Fallon’s face. But the most amusing part of her appearance on the show was, undoubtedly, the flip cup segment. Although the Australian model had never played the game (it’s mostly popular among American college students), she caught on quickly and only lost to Fallon…

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Office Flow (60): Dark Neutrals


My Friday office OOTD!  Keeping it neutral in the dark area with pops of shimmer and white through my accessories!  I’m having a great hair day today too ; )

Decided to cover up my legs because it was a chilly morning as compared to the rest of the week previously!  I think the heat wave’s giving us a break, thank goodness.

Top:  Sirens  |  Pants:  H&M  |  Wedges:  Aldo  |  Bracelet:  Rose Wholesale  |  Necklace:  Sirens (I think)

July Ipsy Glam Bag! “Sensationally Sunkissed”

Love getting these every month!  I’ve loved every single product I’ve received thus far.  I’ve so many that I’ve even yet to open and try out!


July’s Glam Bag theme:  “Sensationally Sunkissed”

Products (each link takes you to the Ipsy page):  Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08  |  bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 2.0  |  wHet Nail Polish in Facetious  |  Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Lip and Cheek Stain  |  Marrakesh Hair Care Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender 

So excited to try these products, especially the eyshadow, nail polish (it’s in a deep royal blue shade, my fave color!) and the lip/cheek stain!


Office Flow (59): Kimono Krazy

wpid-wp-1405603978402.jpeg*  Yesterday’s Outfit of the Day

As I was busy catching up on blogging about the past week yesterday, I didn’t manage to find time to post up my Office Flow from yesterday, so here it is!

Kimono cardigan:  Forever XXI.  (I absolutely love the flow and the color of this piece.  It’s one of my favourites in my entire wardrobe.  I’m in the midst of planning my next kimono buy, this time, something printed!)

Tank top:  Garage Clothing

Jeggings:  Winners 

Flats:  Old Navy

Watch:  Nixon Time Teller (Zumiez)

Most of the kimonos I’ve seen on the market are either way too long for my height (5’3″) or have fringed tassles at the ends — not a big fan of that.  I’ve yet to find a cute lightweight kimono that looks and fits me just right.  Again, the challenges of being petite!


It’s the Weekend!


Advertisement At Its Best.

This was taken from Dream Tea at West Edmonton Mall.

What a way to advertise durian, lol.  For those who don’t know, durian is one stinky fruit.  I, personally, haven’t smelled it myself, but that’s what I’ve heard.  I’ve actually had the durian bubble tea and it tastes good!  .. I wouldn’t say heaven, but it’s tasty.

This gave me a good laugh.


Mini Indigo Haul!

I’m such a sucker for stationary.  When I see a sales/clearance cart at Chapters/Indigo, I can spend an entire hour just rummaging through the stuff and I end up buying a bunch!  Oh well.

The cute note pad and clipboard set I found is soooooo convenient for when I attend meetings.  I can take down little notes and to-do’s.  Especially doing walkthroughs through the units, I don’t need to lean against the wall or find a table just to jot down notes.  The far right is a package of two small blank notepads.  I love the design of both.  The other notepad (can’t see it, it’s behind the one shown) says ‘Oui’ and ‘Non’ on each cover.  It’s so European and I absolutely adore it!.. I find that I never have any piece of paper (and pen) to write things down when I need to.  This will be handy to keep in my purse when the time comes to write something down!.. I just need a pretty looking pen now …

I’ve heard and read such great reviews about this book so I HAD to read it.  It’s funny because it wasn’t one of the books on my reading list.. which I’ve yet to even start buying from -_-  I’m about 100 pages deep and I wish I didn’t have to work everyday so I can just finish it already!  Each page is soooo cute and romantic, makes me want to keep going.  Loving it so far!


Office Flow (58): Demure’d Out



Did you look?  *punch

I look so demure in this selfie pose of mine.  I actually felt like it with this pencil skirt.  It was a bit loose at the bottom, so not that typical snug pencil skirt fit.  It fits so nicely though and hits very high-waisted, perfect with my crop top!


Pencil skirt:  Le Chateau

Crop Top:  Express  

Necklaces:  Urban Planet & Forever XXI  (I think)

Flats:  Old Navy